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You have now entered a loving and upmost safe place.

We are so thankful to have you here.

Welcome to One Of a Kind.

Our Brand name One Of A Kind speaks for itself and with no doubt_ we back it up!

This brand is built on prayer, friendship, hope, and love! Every product, every picture, every comment is here to fill you up! One of a kind Est. 2021, the year of awakening & new beginnings, is a small family-like business. Owners, Taylor and Brandi, didn't let anything come in the way of their unstoppable dream. They took their dream and made it their career! Lets call  that #GIRLPOWAA!!!

Each and every product associated with One Of a Kind is made; with love, all natural ingredients, patience, and excellence. Each recipe is created by one or both of the owners! Look at that, more #GIRLPOWAAAA!!! 

 This brand does not only offer wellness for your Soul & body. O.O.A.K also offers beauty for every part of you. Oh how beautiful you will feel garnished in beads showered with love from grandma's hands. Imagine that glow!! Grandma Renee's beads are the true gem through out these collections. Grandmas hands are magical, grandmas hand are love, grandma Renee sews beads that are sent from the heavens above!

Again, Welcome!

We Thank You and appreciate your support!


Meet The Team


Taylor Hudson

Up beat and ready to conquer success. Taylor Hudson is constantly on the rise. 

Miss. Hudson is a proud Manual Highschool Alumni. She gives much thanks to her wonderful teachers and mentors.

Taylor Hudson is constantly proud of what O.O.A.K has become and all it has and will accomplish. 

Taylor will spend her time studying herbs and one day be a herbalist. She believes herbalism is an art, She believes herbalism is a way of life.

 She swears to never let it die out! 

Taylors dream is to one day live on open land big enough for her whole family, animals, and fruitful gardens.

"Here on earth we were blessed with seeds, I plant these seeds and nourish them as they grow. These seeds will mean life to my family and community. These same seedlings that I nourish will grow to nourish us. Thank you God!"

Image by Paul Green

Brandi Griffin

Fierce, confident, and in control  Brandi Griffin is always striving for victory!

"I'll never give up, its not in me" 

Miss. Griffin is a proud alumni of Manual Highschool. She is proud to have learned so much which she is able to apply to her life and newly found business.

When it comes to creating a fire is lit within Brandi. Art, Ethics, and creation drives Brandi to her highest self. Daily she is proud of her ability to steadily  juggle; caring for mother, her, child, a business, and her home. Brandi's life goal is to be financially free. Free to travel, free to see the world, free to spread her wings"

"Every book I buy, I will read and digest the knowledge within. Once I have completely learned this knowledge, I will pass the book & knowledge down to my child. I will teach my child everything I know. My life.. My legacy will ensure success for my child."  


Renee Stanley

Renee Stanley is a loving mother of 5 and grandmother to 16. Some may find it impossible to spoil 21 people but grandma Renee always makes a way. Native to North Carolina, Renee Found her way to Peoria when she was 21 years old. She never stays away from the south very long. Due to her constant love and affection her children make sure to get here down at least once a year! Mrs. Renee loves to sing and talk to her loved ones. she loves to laugh, she loves to smile. She loves to read the word of god, it reminds her of the gratefulness she feels from being alive.

Renee loves to sow seed in the spring and watch them grow all summer. Not only does she grow plants beautifully outside. Her indoor plants are astonishing too. She understand the meaning of a true friend, she is sure to be that to her plants.. Yes they all have names! " you have to talk to your plants unless they will not grow. show them you love them, they are apart of your life. they love you too!"

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